Why We Need to Save Print


I think it should be pretty obvious to us all that we are in the midst of a nose-dive straight into an almost completely digital age – which is truly a completely heart-breaking and terrifying thing to me. Sure I’m totally freaked out by online dating (not even the offer of a closet full of YSL would get me to use Tinder) and I cringe at the idea of reading books off of anything with a screen, but what freaks me out the most is the possibility of a life without print media. All around us local newspapers are thinning and magazines are going more and more digital. Look at Newsweek, two years ago after nearly 80 years of print the magazine published its last issue. Now imagine the same thing happening to Vogue or to Harper’s Bazaar or to Nylon. Scary, right? Fashion is a physical industry in every sense. It’s about feel, it’s about touch, it’s about the physicality of the experience and the ability to inspect and take in the detail of every element. You don’t get the same experience with a screen.

When I think about growing up I see my bedroom plastered in images cut out of magazines and rainy days spent sitting on the living room floor watching The September Issue on repeat and making mood boards and collages out of the 20+ magazines I couldn’t get myself to throw a way (even though my mom was constantly nagging me for hoarding them). I was intrigued and consumed in the glamour of the glossy pages and the scent of the pages. I loved that I could feel the weight of the pages filled with beautiful images and beautiful clothes. It was the experience of it all that made me fall in love with fashion and spiraled into the passion it is now. Now we have to understand that without the support of print media, we are dangerously close to a generation where people won’t have the chance to fall in love with fashion the same way our generation and others before us did. They won’t fall in love with the smell of one too many perfume samples. They won’t be consumed in the gloss-covered pages or the satisfying feeling of holding the weight of the September issues in their hands. We need to save print for us and we need to save print for young people who don’t know how life-changing an issue of Vogue can be.

Yes, digital has great advantages. I love getting on style.com and looking at the party and red carpet albums. I love live streaming the shows during fashion week. I am in full support of the use of social media to connect with followers. However, print needs to be saved and we can all do it together. Go out and buy the new issues of your favorite magazines. Experience more than a screen on your iPad. You can’t immerse yourself in an image on the screen but you can in the pages of print media. Pull away from the detachment of a screen and make an effort to re-fall in love with an experience. Print was the past and we can keep it in the future.

Jens Grede’s “9 Rules to Build a Global Company in Three Years”


A couple weekends ago I was lucky enough to attend one of my absolute favorite events of the year, Teen Vogue Fashion University. The event includes a weekend of learning from and interacting with some of the brightest industry leaders.Being that this is my third year I thought I had learned all that I could from the event (but Zac Posen was one of the speakers so I pretty much had to apply). However, I was so wrong. Never has a speaker stuck out to me quite like Jens Grede of Frame Denim. I have to say I have a little bit of a crush now too, whoops. Grede’s has a magnetic personality and a fantastic mind for business. His “9 Rules to Build a Global Company in Three Years” is something I think everyone interested in creating their own business, fashion related or not, should hear. So here they are for you:

1. Team over idea You are not going to make your idea come to life without a great team to back it.

2. You are your product You will not be successful unless you fundamentally believe in and understand what you are doing.

3. Understand Money Creativity and finance are best friends.

4. Treat money and your business like your marriage With love and respect.

5. Next collection/season is always your most important Everyday is your most important day.

6. You will make many mistakes and only a few rights Don’t be good at everything be great at something.

7. Marketing is about telling true stories If you want great marketing make a great product.

8. Do the unexpected Reinvention is the key to staying power.

9. Forget everything I just told you There is no perfect moment to do anything and nothing will be perfect.

Top 5: London Fashion Week

KIM_0005Sass & Bide

All black everything, always a good choice and that’s something that just isn’t up for debate. You would have to try really hard to come up with an all black outfit that is just a complete miss. That being said, that doesn’t mean that coming up with looks this chic is always a breeze. Layering is just another of one of my many loves and something that this Sass & Bide look does all to well. That, in combination with the detail on the vest is all it took to make this outfit stand out. Totally obsessed.

mcq-alexander-mcqueen-007-1366McQ Alexander McQueen

To all of you who regularly read my blog, you should know by now that I am drawn to anything with a cool-girl vibe. I’m a firm believer in what you wear is how you feel and who doesn’t want to feel cool? Although personal opinions on what is “cool” may vary, it’s not a stretch to say we’ve all been striving towards it since a relatively young age. This McQ Alexander McQueen look, is by my definition, exceedingly cool. I totally dig the kilt look and love take on it here with the half sheer underlay. Also, it has a leather jacket. So that’s a plus.


Surprise, surprise, more black and white. By now this blog must be filled with more black and white than imaginable, but I can’t help that I’m addicted. This Belstaff look was created just for the purpose of making me fall in love (ok, maybe not, but it’s nice to think I’m that influential). The great thing about this ensemble is how it looks so easy yet so fashionable at the same time. Like the wearer of this outfit had 5 minutes to get ready and still looks better than I do after my solid hour of effort. The key to the “oh I just threw this on” vibe is all in the individual pieces of an outfit. This look is the prime example of that, a leather jacket and a chic maxi are easy go to’s and still make all the difference. Simple perfection.

tom fordTom Ford

In all honesty, I have probably spent far too much time obsessing over this Tom Ford look. I was a huge fan of all the looks in the designers latest collection, however, when this one came up all I could think was “Yep, yes.” I really just think that my mind needed a minute to process the look in all its fringe glory. It really doesn’t need to be defined as much more than cool. Cool is all that is necessary to sum up a look that to all ready speaks for itself. If this dress was in my closet, there is a good chance I would never wear anything else again. I used to say when I die bury me in Chanel, but I’d actually like to be buried in this instead.

KAT_0247Mary Katrantzou

Which one is not like the others? In the over whelming sea of black, white, and leather (my three weaknesses) that LFW had to offer, this colorful Mary Katrantzou managed to sneak its way onto my top five list. Its playful and girlish charm is matched with a touch of edge and I absolutely LOVE IT.  Mixing textures and patterns is something I absolutely love to see on the runway. It’s an amazing way to add personality, something this look is chalked full of. I mean, would it even be a true Mary Katrantzou without all the detail? Probably not.

Top 5: New York Fashion Week

All images from style.com
_A2X0203Marc Jacobs

How do I even begin to explain the magic within this Marc Jacobs look? Is it even possible for something so beautiful and wonderful to be put into words? As is to be expected, numerous conversations about NYFW have been held, every one leading to me going on and on about this masterpiece. First off, fur is everything to me. This black and white-collar and sleeve combo is both so chic and so fierce. Any woman in this would exude confidence and power and that to me is the best way for a woman to be, confident and powerful. Not to mention the beauty look couldn’t have been more perfect. Yes Marc, yes.


Remember Lupita’s red Ralph Lauren cape dress she wore to the 2014 Golden Globes? You know, the one that will make every other cape dress envious until the end of time. That is exactly what this Delpozo look reminds me of and I am oh so fine with that. I have come to have quite an affinity for the color red as well as capes. So, clearly this  look was destined to make it onto my top 5 favorite looks. It’s girly, it’s fun, it’s sweet and definitely covetable. Much different feel from the previous Marc Jacobs look, but a star in its own rights. Plus, the shoes are fantastic. I’m a sucker for a fun shoe.

ONP_6524 Marchesa

Let me just say that if this was the way that flappers actually dressed, I was born in the wrong time. Everything about this whole entire collection was so right. Narrowing it down to just one was probably one of the most stressful things I’ve ever had to do. Ok, that might be a little dramatic, but it was pretty difficult. I just kept coming back to this look and I knew it was the one. I am absolutely head-over-heels obsessed with the top. I honestly don’t know what to say about this look other than I was just drawn to the elegance, there is something about it that captured me. Not to mention I love that it’s a pant look that is just as elegant as any of the gowns in the collection. Stunning.

MARC00113.1 Phillip Lim

This look and this model were both demanding me to put them in my top 5 list and they both look pretty badass so I really had no choice. This is a look for the cool girl, the one that people know not mess with. This is for the girl who knows what she has working for her and knows that she runs it. I can’t pick out a single thing I would change or don’t love about it. It’s just so mind-blowingly cool and I don’t know what else to say about it. I know that cool is a simple word but sometimes that’s all you need. This Phillip Lim speaks for itself and it has an attitude.

ZER_0056 Zero + Maria Cornejo

Fall RTW is my favorite season. Can you guess why? Coats. I have a very real obsession with coats. Some girls dream to someday be a princess, while I on the other hand, dream of having a gigantic room full of coats (ok and I kinda want to be a princess too). This Zero + Maria Cornejo is everything I could ever wish for a coat to be. I may hate the cold but I’ll let it stay if It means I can wear this jacket for a little longer. So, let it snow.

Warby Parker: Half Decade Collection

Filmore | Harbor Blue | $95 

 Huxley | Eastern Bluebird Fade | $95

 Nedwin | Blue Sapphire | $95

 Roosevelt | Blue Slate Fade | $95

 Wiloughby | Striped Indigo | $95
Colonel | Atlas Blue | $95 
In case you aren’t in on the world of all things eyewear, Warby Parker has been on top of the game since 2010 and they’re only just getting started. And guess what? Today’s their birthday! Warby Parker is half a decade old and to celebrate they’re giving you a gift, a re-release of five and a half (yes, a half) classic prescription frames from their first collection. All frames are in their classic blue hue and feature a tiny engraved “5” on the temple tips. Not only are the glasses themselves stylish, but they are delivered to you in an equally stylish box. Each box features a unique design with the name of all the frames the eyewear power-house has created since their start.

If you’re anything like me, all accessories matter, eyewear included. I’m probably (definitely) a little ridiculously excited about this collection. I would also be lying if I said the Filmore wasn’t already in my cart. I can’t help that I’m a sucker for sophisticated glasses. Because let me tell you, there is a difference between “roll out of bed and didn’t have time for contacts glasses” and outfit making glasses. These, my dears, are outfit making glasses. There is no shortage of personality and class in any of these frames. Oh, and hello, there is a monocle. How cool?! I personally can’t see how someone could not find a frame they love here. I can, however, see how someone might not be able to pick just one. So if five new frames seems a little absurd, you can request free model frames sent straight to your door to try out. It’s the perfect way to test out what’s best for your face shape. The collection releases today and I think it’s in your best interest to go check them out. Plus, for all my philanthropists out there, for every pair purchased a pair is sent to someone in need. Happy shopping to you and happy birthday to Warby!

Ulyana Sergeenko Spring 2015 Couture

All images from style.com 
As much fun as it to flip through all the big name collections each season, you know the ones – Chanel, Versace, Valentino, Dior – I highly encourage you to take a look at some of the less famous designers. As per usual, I was going through literally every couture show on style.com (yes, literally every single last one) when I came across Ulyana Sergeenko’s latest work. I have now probably looked through the collection more times than Sergeenko herself. OBSESSED. It’s clear in the collection if you didn’t already know, we are dealing with a Russian designer. There is such a strong sense of culture in the detailed line and it’s fantastic. Each look is so detailed, feminine, and unique. There is no lack of creativity. Every look impresses, leaving me to struggle with finding a flaw. Beautiful sense of style and an admirably clear sense of culture. We should all keep an eye on this girl. 

Top 5 SAG Award Looks

All images from style.com 
Sarah Hyland in Custom Vera Wang  
I feel like I should start by admitting that when I first saw this look while watching the red carpet live, I just assumed that she was stopping by on her way to her senior prom. Later, flipping through all of the looks from last night I came across this look again and fell in love. The TV did not do the dress justice and was no good in capturing the details and delicacy of the dress. I adore the sheer over the nude and the beading and cut of the top is stunning. I definitely appreciate it more after a second look. However, I have no intention of complimenting the hair any time soon. At least her dress was pretty. 

Emma Stone in Dior Haute Couture  
I’ve said it a million times and I will say it again, the Emmas never disappoint. Emma Stone is clearly a breathe taking girl and could pull off a paper bag better than most people could pull off a custom Chanel. The magic of Stone is that she is so beautiful and dresses so wonderfully.  I have a few celebrities that I look forward to seeing walk the red carpet during every award season and she is always one of them. She knows how to deliver. I love the sexiness of the sheer dress with the “blazer” over the top. It’s masculine and it’s feminine and over all just a fantastic and creative piece. Going on my list of possible favorites for the season. 
Julianne Moore in Givenchy Haute Couture  
First let us just take a minute to appreciate how absolutely perfect this color is on her complexion and  with her hair color. I honestly can’t think of a more flattering shade of anything. Other than the color the thing about this dress that really stood out was just how absurdly flattering it is. It fits her like a glove and the neckline is simple and elegant. the beading is just an extra dose of fabulous that makes this dress one that would be tough to criticize. Gorgeous. 

Lupita Nyong’o in Elie Saab 
To those of you rolling your eyes at yet another top 5 red carpet post with Lupita on it, I’m sorry (not really) but she is queen. Honestly, I have never been disappointed with her looks, clearly. I’m sure there will be plenty who disagree on whether this look is that great or not, my friends and I have already had a heated debate over it (it is actually a very serious matter). I absolutely love this cut on her specifically, the neck line, which does an AMAZING job of highlighting how perfectly in shape she is. I can’t decide whether I would die for her style or her body, you know, if both isn’t an option. I say we start a new thing where instead of just saying something looks amazing we say “wow that is SOOO Lupita.” Yes? No? 

Rosamund Pike in Dior Haute Couture

 This look is so Lupita (get it?). All pointless attempts at humor aside, this dress is absolutely fantastic. I love love love this color on her and the red lip is the absolute perfect shade. I’m not usually a fan of the high-low look and over all find it tacky and overrated. This dress was the exception for me. I don’t know whether it’s the drama of the difference in length, the silhouette, or the embellishments but this look works. There is also the added bonus of showing off her killer legs. So basically there are two things I learned from this look: 1. High-low can be acceptable in certain situations 2. I need to spend a lot more time with the leg machines at the gym. Amazing look.